10 Ecommerce Trust Signals to Boost Customer Confidence And Conversions

One of the most challenging parts of launching an online store is building trust with website visitors. When a new customer lands on an ecommerce …


10 Health And Wellness Industry SMS Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

The health and wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. SMS marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel. So, what do you …


The 5 Best Loyalty Program Apps for Shopify

Loyalty programs are a great way to increase customer retention. But managing a loyalty program, if done manually, takes a lot of time and effort. …

Lifecycle Marketing

5 Ecommerce Store SMS Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

If you ask us, every ecommerce store needs SMS (or at the very least, should consider SMS). The ways people shop and communicate are changing …

Lifecycle Marketing

How to Reduce Cancellations & Returns for Your Online Store

Cancellations and returns are inevitable. Thanks (or no thanks) to online giants like Amazon, it’s become the norm for ecommerce stores to allow people to …

How to run a successful flash sale

How To Run A Successful Flash Sale For Your Online Business

It’s hard for anyone to resist a good deal, as 83% of buyers are likely to click an ad offering a discount. You can use …

How To Apply Lifecycle Marketing For Business Growth
Lifecycle Marketing

How To Apply Lifecycle Marketing For Business Growth: Digital Summit Recap

Hundreds of marketing professionals gathered for Digital Summit to learn and share innovative ideas and best practices for the digital world. While there were over …



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