64 Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for Ecomm Stores

64 Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for Ecomm Stores

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With Mother’s Day over, it’s now that time of the year again when the amazing fathers and father figures in our lives are celebrated. Father’s Day is the perfect time to give the credit (and the gifts) dads deserve. Why not ride the magic with a dad-centric ecommerce sale?

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 19th which means you still have time to create a great email marketing campaign — and for that, you’ll need a compelling Father’s Day subject line.

Why Create a Father’s Day Subject Line?

Why create a seasonal email campaign when your generic welcome series works so well? Can’t you just re-use your nurturing sequence — or at least tweak it to match what you want to say? 

The simple answer is yes, but you won’t boost your bottom line to the max unless you capitalize on seasonal events as well

Seasonal email campaigns tap into the moment. Black Friday, the holiday season, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day — the list goes on. People tend to gravitate toward the same traditions at the same times — and you can make the most of that.

How to Write a Great Father’s Day Subject Line

Listen up, compadres. There are rules — real, live rules — you need to follow if you want to create subject lines that stand out. 

“What rules?” we hear you ask.

These rules:

  • Stay on trend. Don’t write a single subject line — don’t even start your email design — until you’ve researched product trends and come up with a few genuinely tempting offers.
  • Create short, urgent subject lines. Keep subject lines under 60 characters to make them mobile-friendly — and create a sense of urgency with a call to action. “Father’s Day Sale on NOW!” for instance. 
  • Personalize, and stay accessible. If you have the data to do so, personalize your subject lines — “Rachel, It’s Time To Buy Your Dad a Present” feels like a command. In a nutshell, that’s what you’re aiming for. One more thing: don’t send your email from an unmanned “noreply@” inbox.
  • Storytelling rules. Clever email marketers tell stories. Storytelling is relatable and effective — even more so with a little mystery woven in. “You won’t believe what Sam bought his dad this Father’s Day…”
  • Promote offers, but don’t lie. Got a great Father’s Day promo going on? Fab — promote it in your email subject line. Don’t tell tales, though: if free shipping doesn’t start until the $25 mark, be honest.
  • Segment your subject lines. Create one subject line for the younger crowd and one for the wise, mature dads. In other words, sell skateboards to the under-30 crew and personalized gardening implements to people over 40. 
  • Start with a verb, and keep it simple. Action words are where it’s at — so begin by telling readers what they’re meant to do. “Shop Our Father’s Day Sale Today!”
  • AVOID ALL CAPS. It’s just too shouty. This isn’t an episode of American Chopper — it’s an email campaign. You want people to open the email, not consign it to the trash in horror. You can, however, throw in an emoji or two.
  • Time your mail. Many marketing gurus (ahem…like us!) go with a midweek, midday email deployment schedule. Why? Because people respond best to emails sent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • Numbers are great. Percentage discounts, bundles, number of items on sale — you get the picture. Use numbers to make your subject line pop. “Save up to 90% In Our 24 Hour Father’s Day Sale!”
  • Ask a question. Pique readers’ interests with questions — make them succinct and intriguing. Questions create conflict; your email provides the solution. “Ready for Father’s Day? Shop Last-Minute Gifts NOW!” 
  • Puns are fun. Dad jokes rule. Delight recipients with a little humor — after all, they’re probably bored at work. “The Good, the Dad and the Ugly: 50% Off Films This Father’s Day!” or “Father’s Day Gifts That Are Dad to the Bone!”

Savvy marketers ahoy! Have two or three great subject lines in mind? No problem: perform a pre-launch split test to see which one gets results. Then, go with the most successful option for your Father’s Day email marketing campaign.

64 Father’s Day Subject Line Examples

Need inspiration for your Father’s Day email campaign? No problem — we’ve totally got you covered. Here are 64 dad-tastic email subject lines to help you make the most of this parent-tabulous time of year.

General Father’s Day Subject Lines

Let’s begin with a nice long list of general Father’s Day subject lines. These are perfect if you don’t plan to run a sale but you do want to acknowledge the occasion. They’re also ideal for Father’s Day email series — where you send more than one email to generate hype about an upcoming promo or event:

  • Don’t Miss Our GREAT Father’s Day Deals!
  • Buy the Best Gift Ever for the Best Dad Ever! | [BRAND NAME]
  • Get Your Dad What He Really Wants This Father’s Day!
  • BOGO This Father’s Day! | [BRAND NAME]
  • Two Weeks Until Father’s Day! Custom Gifts From [BRAND NAME]!
  • Make This Father’s Day the BEST ONE YET!
  • Fab Dads Deserve Great Gifts! Shop NOW!
  • Celebrate Father’s Day the [INSERT BRAND] Way!
  • Make Dad’s Day Better With These HOT Gifts!
  • Read All About It! Exclusive Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day Barbecue Subject Lines

Stereotypes don’t always fly, but generally speaking, most dads like to barbecue. Even vegetarian dads like to barbecue — after all, scorched black lines look just as good on veggie burgers as they do on steak. Dads like to boast that they are the best at barbecuing: better than Uncle Ted; way better than Susie’s dad; almost as good as grandpa, even.

With that in mind, here are some of the best sizzlin’ barbecue-themed subject lines for Father’s Day:

  • Grillmaster Flash Alert! Smokin’ Hot Deals This Father’s Day!
  • Throw Another Steak on the Barbie With THIS Grilltastic Promo!
  • Surf and Turf | Grillin’ Father’s Day Deals!
  • Get Your Grill on This Father’s Day | 24 Hour FLASH SALE!
  • Cook up a Father’s Day Feast With THESE Great Grill Deals!
  • Father’s Day Exclusive: Grill Sale — 36 Hours Only!
  • Top 10 Best Grills for Father’s Day 2021
  • Premium Personalized Grill Accessories for Dad!
  • Add Hickory Wood for a Smokin’ Father’s Day Barbecue!

Father’s Day Sale Subject Lines

Dads deserve a Father’s Day discount — and that’s the bottom line. You can boost your bottom line with a Father’s Day sale. Naturally you’ll need to raise awareness of your stellar seasonal sale with a well-crafted marketing email. Here are some discount-centric Father’s Day email subject lines to get you started:

  • Get 25% Off in Our EXCLUSIVE Father’s Day Sale!
  • These Father’s Day Deals Will Blow Your Mind!
  • Don’t Wait — Save up to 50% In Our HUGE Father’s Day Sale!
  • Buy One Get TWO FREE This Father’s Day! [BRAND NAME] Sale!
  • Flash 36-Hour Father’s Day Sale NOW ON!
  • Make Dad Happy With These Father’s Day Deals!
  • SHOP NOW! | Father’s Day Deals From [BRAND]
  • 20% Off Bestsellers in Our Father’s Day Sale!
  • Dad-approved Gifts Now 25% Off | [BRAND] Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day Free Shipping Subject Lines

Who doesn’t like free shipping? Nobody, that’s who. For some reason, shoppers really appreciate not being blindsided by unexpected shipping costs (which cause roughly a quarter of all cart abandonments). Rake in the revenue this Father’s Day when you nix shipping costs, and tell your subscribers all about it via email:

  • Dream Father’s Day Gifts — And FREE SHIPPING!
  • Get FREE SHIPPING for Father’s Day 2021!
  • FREE Overnight Shipping | Father’s Day at [BRAND]
  • Father’s Day Orders Over $25 Ship FREE!
  • Father’s Day 2021| Free Shipping for 24 Hours Only! 
  • Make Dad’s Day and Get FREE Shipping From [BRAND]!
  • Father’s Day Online Exclusive: FREE SHIPPING!
  • No Shipping Fees at [BRAND] This Father’s Day!
  • Stop the Presses! FREE Shipping on Father’s Day Gifts!

Father’s Day Last Minute Subject Lines

Time flies when you work all week and spend every weekend poring over DIY projects. Special occasions creep up and before you know it — *boom* — it’s Father’s Day on Sunday and you’re giftless. Give your customers a little extra leeway with last-minute specials and reduced overnight shipping. Then, boast about it in an email, like so:

  • Grab Last-Minute Father’s Day Bargains at [BRAND NAME]!
  • Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Daddy Cool In Your Life!
  • FREE Overnight Shipping on Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts!
  • Forget FOMO — These Gifts Arrive Before Sunday!
  • It’s Not Too Late! Spoil Dad With an AMAZING Gift!
  • Hurry — Only Three Days Until Father’s Day!
  • Last Chance! Buy NOW for Overnight Father’s Day Shipping!
  • Just-in-Time Gifts for Great Dads!
  • Top 5 BEST Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts | [BRAND NAME]

Father’s Day Gift Subject Lines

What do you get the dad who has everything? What about the dad whose hobbies are off the beaten track — curling, for instance, or stamp collecting? Solve those mysteries for your subscribers and make decisions easier with a selection of reliable go-to gifts. Here are a few great gift-oriented subject lines to get recipients interested:

  • No Father’s Day Gift? Open This Email Now!
  • Surprise Dad With a Gift Card This Father’s Day!
  • Massive Discounts on Father’s Day Gifts!
  • Handmade Father’s Day Gifts for Discerning Dads | [BRAND]
  • Sort Father’s Day With Great Gift Ideas From [BRAND]!
  • Play Favorites With [BRAND NAME] Father’s Day gifts!
  • Save Money on Father’s Day Gifts With This EXCLUSIVE Code!
  • Who’s the Best Kid? YOU Are, With These Father’s Day Gifts!
  • Father’s Day Gifts Made Simple at [BRAND NAME]!

Grandpa Father’s Day Subject Lines

Grandpa is a dad too — so don’t forget him on Father’s Day. He’s the reason you’re here. Give papa the recognition he deserves with one of these grand Father’s Day subject lines (get it?):

  • Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpappy!
  • What About Grandpa? Don’t Forget Papa This Father’s Day!
  • Papa-Tastic Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa at [BRAND]!
  • Get Gramps the Perfect Gift This Father’s Day!
  • Only at [BRAND]! Top 10 Gifts for Grandpa this Father’s Day!
  • Treat Grandpa to a Great Father’s Day Gift in 2021!
  • 5 Gift Ideas To Make Your Pop-Pop Smile This Father’s Day!
  • Make Grandpa Proud This Father’s Day! | [BRAND]
  • Love Your Gramps? Spring for the Best Father’s Day Gifts!

Make Your Dad Proud With a Great Subject Line

Savvy marketing schemes that tap into the consumer mindset can help you generate extra revenue. In other words, piggyback on seasonal events and you might rake in more dough. Your subscribers need gifts for dad: offer them a solution via email, and boost your open rate with a great Father’s Day-theme subject line.

Stay ahead of your seasonal email campaigns by getting your emails ready with back to school email subject lines.



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